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Stories | OnesToWatch: Tough Love

ONES2WATCH: Tough Love

Tough Love are quickly rising up the ranks within the house music scene to the point where no dance music festival feels right without their name on the bill. The London based duo, Alex & Stef, have a solid back catalogue of productions on their Get Twisted label but catapulted to fame with their 2015 summer anthem ‘So Freakin Tight’. This summer they seem to have done it once again with ‘Touch’.

When did you decide to make music together?
We began working together back in 2011. We knew each other from playing the London circuit & decided to knock heads in the studio and see what we could come up with then committed our time to develop Tough Love.

How did you start getting famous?
We gained some underground traction pretty quickly releasing on some solid labels & hosting our own monthly party which eventually grew into our own label Get Twisted. We had over 50 releases under our belt before ‘So Freakin Tight’ came out, but it was at that point where we realised the sound we were pushing was becoming more popular and the scene was opening up to a whole new demographic.

Who are your own Ones2Watch?
We are going to keep it close to home and mention LiTek. His track “Drop That” is coming out in a few weeks on Get Twisted Records. Another Get Twisted act goes by the name of Blaise - 2016 looks like its his turn to be stepping into the limelight.

So what next for Tough Love?
Right now we’re focused on our latest single "Touch" ft Arlissa, a series of club material awaiting release dates, straight into our follow up single and hopefully into album territory. Not forgetting what is looking like another hectic tour schedule which we can’t wait for!

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