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Stories | O2W: Casey Spillman

Ones2Watch: Casey Spillman

It is an exciting time for Casey Spillman. The Essex DJ has only just turned 18 but already cited by Sam Divine of Defected/D-Vine Sounds as her 2016 Ones2Watch. We met Casey for a short interview and shooting session.

How did you get into DJing?

"My good friend Lance Morgan brought me into the world of DJing. At first it was tough getting bookings as I started getting noticed when I was 17 and as you can imagine it is hard to get a set in a club you’re not allowed in! As soon as I turned 18 it became easier and sets become more frequent.”

What inspires you?

"My inspirations for my sound come from everywhere. I listen to certain producers and look up to them, but recently I have noticed that it can be an emotion or a sound that inspires me. When it comes to DJing my inspirations are people like Apollonia, Jamie Jones, wAFF; there are too many to mention.”

"It was Sam Divine who highlighted you as her Ones2Watch for 2016 when we caught up with her at the DJ Mag Awards."

"Sam originally first noticed me when I sent the D-Vine Sounds team my track Another Kiss’. Straight away they loved it. Since then I have grown closer to Sam and the D-Vine family. I love surprising them with music."

What’s next?

"I am always producing when I have free time, so I’m hoping to create tracks and release them with some amazing labels and I am also hoping to start out my own label and hold some of my own parties."

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