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Move On: Workout Schedule

Job, friends, family, sports… so many activities, so little time. We asked blogger, graphic designer and fitness enthusiast Saskia how she takes care of her training routine.


Many people ask me, how I manage to fit in a fulltime job, boyfriend, dog and sport. The answer is quiet easy: precise planning! With good organisation you can save so much time. 


At the beginning of every month I create a monthly plan, including working hours, holidays, dates and special events. Afterwards I mark my ‘sport days’, usually Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. On the other days I´m free for leisure time…to eat out, go to the cinema, and do my food shopping – of course healthy and balanced!


I always prefer to buy food for the next day, so that I just need to get changed after work to start with my fitness program on my workout days. 30 to 40 minutes running, 20 minutes HIIT, 60 minutes abs, thighs and buns training or 60 minutes on the stepper are part of my training plan. I don´t go to a gym, I love to work out at home. 

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