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Stories | #LoveMyHood: Hamburg

#LoveMyHood: Hamburg

Hamburg is known for its wind and rain, but blogger Julia shows us why it´s still definitely worth a visit:

To be honest I am a summer child and love the sun, the warm days outside and the cute dresses that go with sandals and sunnies. But, there is something very appealing about autumn. It’s not only the change in nature that fascinates me but also the feeling of calmness and being at home.

Home for me is Hamburg. If you have heard about Hamburg you may have been told about its weather. I promise you that it isn’t as cold and wet as everyone says but there it is always windy which makes being outside a little more uncomfortable. The good thing about autumn is that you can wear the coziest clothes and layer up to stay warm on a windy day. For me the Parka Relator with Teddy Fur Collar and the Sweatshirt Current are the perfect combination to brave the weather. Because of the wind I like to add a beanie to keep my head warm and to stop my hair from flying all over the place.

I love to go exploring in Hamburg at the weekends. The city has such a great charm and although I was born and raised there, there is always something new to discover. There are a lot of cute cafés in the quarter I live in as well as in Sternschanze, the part of the city where a lot of my friends live where we love to meet up. My favourite one there is Elbgold, it has the best coffee in the city!

Even in winter I love to go for a walk along the harbor or the ‘Elbstrand’ in the morning. I really enjoy having a break watching the freighters passing by while sitting in the sand. Afterwards I like to go for a long Brunch at the Nord Coast Coffee Roastery as reward for the more or less one hour walk. Because you are right in the center of Hamburg now you can do whatever you want. Go on a shopping spree, a walk around the ‘Binnenalster’ or take a look at the famous church ‘Michel’, which is a famous landmark in Hamburg.

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