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Stories | #LoveMyHood: 24h In Toronto /w Daniel Ocean

#LoveMyHood: 24h In Toronto /w Daniel Ocean

We teamed up with Toronto-based lifestyle and street style influencer, Daniel Ocean, to share his styling tips along with the city hot spots he loves.

I’m a proud East Sider and almost every day I jump from Corktown to the Distillery District to Leslieville. Working as a freelancer in Toronto and frequenting all the cool little coffee shops to work in is kind of my calling card. They are my home-base to write, share and design. My travel in between the cafes gives me a chance to shoot my style photography and explore the little nooks of the city I have yet to discover.

I remember being younger and thinking, “When I get older, I’m going to move somewhere different and really cool”. Now that I’ve grown a little older and established my place within this city, I can’t imagine moving from here! With so many unique neighbourhoods there’s a seemingly never-ending basket of vibes to indulge in: Parkdale ice cream shops, holidays in the Distillery or dog walking in the beaches.

When people always ask me how often I work out, my answer is every single day. It’s important to me. Not only because I’m trying to look a certain way but because I like to feel a certain way. I always leave the club feeling refreshed and my endorphins flooding through my body. I hit up at Equinox in the mid-morning and met up with one of my close buddies Colin to bang out a functional training work out.

With my work done for the day, it´s time to poke around one of my favourite pockets of the city, the Distillery District. Filled with stone walkways, hip restaurants, neat bistros and great people watching, it has so much to offer beyond the annual Christmas Market. My best friend Sara from 29 Secrets and I love walking through its windy paths stopping in little shops or having an early evening latte at Brickstreet Bakery.

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