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Stories | #HowToStyle: Family Celebration

#HowToStyle: Family Celebration

The countdown for Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties has officially started. Belgic Blogger Eline shows us how to perfectly style a festive look for family celebration:

City streets are crowded with eager shoppers and the online stores are putting their best foot forward in terms of wintery vibes and coziness. People are eager to find amazing gifts for their loved ones, and also high on the priority list are party-proof outfits for themselves! What are the key things that I aim to check off when I’m putting on a party-proof outfit? Comfortable, easy-to-wear, simple and still super stylish. Maybe you like to wear high heels and a bodycon dress…absolutely fine by me, but I wouldn’t survive half a day. Therefore, comfort is high on my priority list. And luckily the British label Bench has got me covered!

Putting yourself in an easy-to-wear, festive look doesn’t have to be a struggle. Like I already mentioned in my previous posts, I’m a total advocate when it comes to easy-to-wear and casual outfits. This winter a black, slightly oversized dress from Bench stole my heart. The piece truly has all the aspects of a dress that you feel 100% comfortable in. The dress is from the Cruise collection from Bench and will be available from December.

When you look for the perfect dress, you need to make sure you get the length right. The length of the Bench dress I’m wearing is 5 cm above my knee. I like to play it safe because there’s nothing more annoying than constantly (when sitting and standing up) having to pull your dress down. Another important point is dance-ability. A dress doesn’t feel comfortable and easy-to-wear if you can’t move properly in it. Pay attention to the type of fabric of that the dress is made of and go for styles with stretch in them, especially if they‘re slim or tight.

The look is completed with sneakers that have a special for example metallic or shiny finish to add to my festive look. One thing I’m sure of is that I will have no problem at all when playing with my nieces and nephews on Christmas day at my Grandparents.

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