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Stories | #HowToStyle: Cozy

#HowToStyle: Cozy

It’s a new year, a new beginning. The cozy, but slightly crazy Christmas and New Year period is over and now it’s time to relax before things start to get busy again. Jacqueline from Mikutas shows us how she and her boyfriend Klemens style the perfect cozy look:

There’s something special about the days at the beginning of the year, most people are off work, the holidays are still on and everything is really quiet, so this is the ultimate time to relax! I love this time of the year, I cuddle up at home and finish the books I was reading over Christmas, I go out on long walks, meet up with friends or just stay at home watching the latest Christmas movies. This downtime is a proper luxury!

At this time of year, I need soft and comfortable clothes to make the days feel even cosier. At Bench I always find stylish pieces in the most comfortable material, like this grey sweater which is warm and has little holes for my thumbs, I love that detail as much as the sequin-embroidered Bench logo on the front. The skinny jeans are actually more like leggings with zips at the side, they are soft and have just the right amount of stretch to feel ultra comfortable, love them! When I go out I put on my favourite piece which is the green bomber jacket, a bomber always works and this one has a fur hood which is absolutely perfect!

Klemens is also a big fan of cozy hoodies and found this hoodie-like bomber jacket in dark blue which works perfectly inside and out. The white t-shirt isn’t just a simple white tee, it has a big pocket on the front and double layered fabric to the bottom, I love it when simple pieces have these great little details that make them that bit more special. As for pants he wears black, washed skinny jeans which as always, are made with the softest and most comfortable jean fabric! 

We are so ready for some cozy days at home and out with friends, welcoming this new year to come!

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