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Stories | DIY: Personalized Jacket

DIY: Personalized Bomber Jacket

There are two trends this year: bomber jackets and personalized items. So, all of us might feel a little jealous when looking at Stefanie Giesinger who casually combines both trends with her individualized golden JGxBench bomber. Here are four DIY tutorials to personalize your bomber jacket / hoodie / shirt:

Easy Peasy: Going to a Print Shop

If you don’t want to spend too much time, let the professional do the work. Contact a local printer or chose one of the various online printing services. Share your idea, get some advice, bring/send your garment to the shop and get your personalized item back a few days later. The best thing about it: the print is not too expensive and can be done very last minute (always a good idea if you´re looking for a last minute gift)!

For Amateur Artists: Iron-On

Time to bring out your iron! You don´t need any advanced ironing skills, only some letter patches or heat shrink films. Place them on your garment and start ironing it on.

For Professionals: DIY With Textile Pens

For the artists among us who might want to create the lettering on their own this is a great alternative. First of all prepare a template. You can either draw the letters or symbols on your own or create a digital layout and print it. Transfer your artwork onto cardboard by producing a print through on baking paper: overlay your template with the baking paper and surround the contours of your letters with a thick pencil. Cut out the letters with a razor knife. Put the template on your clothing and begin blazoning the letters on with textile colours. Ensure your shirt is constantly stretched.

Advanced Professionals: DIY With Textile Graffiti

In case common textile colours are not your thing, use a spray can to personalize your hoodie or whatever. Create a template as per above! The sprayed colour creates an even cooler look!