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Stories | DIY: Festival Shirt

DIY: Festival Shirt

Summer time is festival time – all you need along with your camping gear are good vibes and some stylish festival essentials. Tired of seeing other people wearing the same tops as you? Why don’t you do it your way by designing your own, unique designs #DoItYourself! Alright, let’s go!


Search for a cool cut shirt and some bright and colorful beads. Furthermore you need a pair of fabric scissors, a ruler and a paper clip! Got it all?






Let the games begin.

Cut the bottom of your top into pieces. Measure equal spaces with your ruler and make a long cut after each 1.5 cm. Be sure to measure the length of the strip too!


After cutting strips all the way round, it’s time for the beads; thread one at the end of each strip and knot it. Using a paper clip makes it easier to get the cotton strip through the small hole in the bead.

Congrats! You just designed your very own festival outfit!

Surprised how easy it is to become a born-and-bred fashionista? Great work, you are going to be an eye catcher at your next festival!