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Stories | Blog Bohème September Playlist

Bench x Blog Bohème: September Playlist

New month, new playlist coming from Michael a.k.a. Blog Bohème:


September is known as the month of change. We swap t-shirts for cozy jumpers, sandals for sneakers and shorts for long trousers. I like this season because it’s also the time of new beginnings and adventures. After having a quiet, relaxing summer it is time for me to get back into my travel routine.


Autumn always starts with a lot of exciting new travel projects. Besides music and fashion, travelling is the deepest passion I have. Meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, seeing new things, tasting great food…it broadens my mindset and I’m really lucky to have been able to turn my hobby into my job.


I am in a different country almost every week. Sometimes on my own, sometimes with company. But no matter who joins me, music is always my most faithful companion. It stimulates my mood even more when I’m somewhere new listening to great songs. It intensifies the adventure.

To get into the travel mood I like to put on some of my favorite songs. I begin to day dream about the destination and the experiences ahead for me. I truly believe that the greatest pleasure lies in the anticipation. I hope you guys also have some exciting plans for autumn and that my September Playlist inspires you get out there and do some great stuff!

Listen to the September Playlist here. If you’ve not heard it already you should check out Michael´s playlist from last month. You can follow Michael on Instagram and his blog.