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Finally Autumn

Autumn Bucket List

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Finally Autumn: Autumn Bucket List

Boredom in autumn? We created a Bucketlist with points you need to do in autumn – and boredom will be blown away immediately:

Read a book.
That´s one of the best ways to make the most a rainy day. Put on a big cosy hoddie,
sit in the most comfy armchair or sofa in your home and take at least an hour to read a good book.

Collect and tinker with autumn decorations.
To add some colour into your flat in the darker times of year, do your own autumn decoration. The best thing is, it doesn´t have to cost a thing. Collect some colourful leaves, press them and arrange the leaves together with some beautiful chestnuts.

Jump in a pile of leaves.
That´s a must do in autumn, not only for kids. Combine it with a long walk through the woods.

Eat pumpkin.
No autumn is complete without eating pumpkin. Be creative. There are so many different ways to prepare it. If you don´t like the taste of pumpkin just use it for decoration instead.

Stay in bed all day.
So easy, but always great! After having breakfast in bed, watch TV series or movies the whole day. If you’re addicted to Halloween, get the spooky ones on to get into the Halloween Mood. Combined with hot chocolate and popcorn, it´s the perfect activity for colder days.

Bake cakes.
Instead of buying, make your own. The incredible smell that fills your flat and the extremely satisfying homemade taste will reward the time you’ve invested.

Bike to farmers market.
To get a bit of fresh air, grab your bike and cycle to the next farmers market. Buy pumpkin and other fresh seasonal food to create a great autumnal meal.

Dress in layers.
No matter whether it rains, snows or the sun is shining. If you´re dressed in layers the weather can’t beat you, you’re prepared for whatever it throws at you.

Playing board games.
Sounds old school, but classics never get old. Play a game of chess or another game that takes your fancy. To enhance the autumnal atmosphere light a scented candle.
Our favourite is cinnamon – in anticipation of Christmas.

Listen to some good music.
It doesn´t matter which genre or artist, as long as it boosts your mood. Take the time and just listen or dance around the house – no one’s watching! We suggest Blog Bohème´s September Playlist.


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