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Stories | 7 Winter Workout Tricks

Summer Bodies Are Made In Winter

7 Winter Workout Tricks

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7 Winter Workout Tricks

We all know that our summer bodies are made in winter. BUT, sometimes it´s just too cold, too dark – or we simply feel too lazy to move! So here are our seven tricks to get you back into your workout routine… give them a try!

Light It Up

The first inclination on a dark morning is to keep hitting snooze until the very last minute. To combat your early morning laziness, flick the switch and force yourself to be bathed in a warm glow. Now you´re ready for a wake-up workout.

Put Your Exercise Clothes On…

And THEN decide if you are going to work out or not. Don´t make a decision until you´re dressed.

Indoor Warmup

Wake up your body and soul with a quick warmup inside your apartment/house. You´ll feel the difference after doing a few jumping jacks or high knees.

Gear Up

There is no such thing as bad weather… cozy clothes, such as a warm fleece or a breathable long sleeve , make time spent outdoors much more bearable.

Take Your Gym Bag To Work

Leaving the office in the dark and all you can think about is curling up under a blanket on the sofa watching Netflix? Take your gym bag to the office and have a constant reminder with you that the gym is just a quick walk away.

I Want You!

Recruit a workout buddy that hits the gym with you. From the moment you make plans to go you´ll have no choice to bail…you can’t let your friend down!

Sweat Or Regret

Desperate to stay toasty during the winter? Hit a Bikram Yoga Class or spend a few minutes in the sauna after your workout class. Just the thought of basking in the heat might be enough to get you going.

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