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Stories | 24 Hours in Berlin / Pt. 1

#LoveMyHood / Dandy Diary

24 Hours In Berlin

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24 Hours In Berlin

The guys at Dandy Diary take us around their neighbourhood, showing us the best places for shisha, nori tacos, lentil soup and more.

Dandy Diary is a Berlin-based blog run by David and Jakob, who write about men’s fashion, lifestyle, current affairs and sometimes themselves. David – an author, editor and the founder of Dandy Diary – studied fashion journalism, and has since worked as a stylist, editor and intern in New York, London, Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin. Jakob, on the other hand, wrote for newspapers, magazine and advertising during his political science studies, and has also worked as a consultant for DAX companies and in various marketing, PR and branding agencies. Under the pseudonym ‘Anti Hippie’, he also organised huge parties in Germany.

Gordon / 9.45am

You will find the best breakfast in Neukölln at Gordon. We are totally into the vegan food here, like the vegan version of Shashuka. Besides Gordon, its founders Doron and Nir are running the booking agency Legotek, which is representing German and Israeli DJs. In the back room of their cafe, the love for music has its place: a carefully selected mix of electronic music, pressed on vinyl. When the makers of Gordon are not busy playing in the clubs of Berlin or serving us vegan food, they are designing furniture, with all the furniture at Gordon made by them.

Ban Ban Kitchen / 1pm

Ban Ban Kitchen you can get kimchi fries, burgers with bulgogi beef, bibimbox and, our culinary highlight: nori tacos made out of seaweed with rice and filled with soy meat, with which you should drink ginger or Hite beer. Ban Ban translated from Korean means half and half, and at Ban Ban Kitchen that stands for a fusion of Vietnamese and Korean origins. Its founders – Linh Vu and Mark Roh – are sharing their ‘small house’ with a giant tree, which is growing right through the street food kitchen. 

Shisha Bar / 4.20pm

If you want to smoke a shisha-pipe, this is the best place. The crown prince Ahmade has created a shisha-bar in the heart of Neukölln, which is splurging of realness: men in floor-long robes exchanging conspiracy theories in a back room, Arabic kitsch-music and sugar-sweet baclava next to apple-tobacco. Every Friday the boss invites you to dance – Ahmade and his entourage are playing hot Arabic dance music!


Dr. To’s / 8.35pm

Back in the days – when I was a small boy – I hated sharing my food. After a month in Morocco, where food is only shared (everybody puts their fingers in ‘your’ tagine), I am cured. Sharing food is totally great! At Dr. To’s in Neukölln, that is working fantastically: here, friends, families and lovers are sharing Asian tapas, dumplings and crunchy vegetables. The boss of Dr. To’s is Tackyen To – Dandy Diary buddy – with whom we have strolled around Hong Kong’s nightlife with once. Great guy and restaurant!

Das Gift / 10.45pm

From the outside, the bar Das Gift looks like a mix of a ‘Späti’ and an old cosy bar. On the inside it looks like the clubhouse of the soccer team that one of us used to play for, before our world-wide successful men’s fashion blogger career. At Das Gift, you’ll find two stuffed raptors, neon tubes, Scottish delta-alcoholics and a unique (for Berlin) selection of whiskey, cider and ales. One of the founders of Das Gift is also the guitarist of Mogwai.

Bei Schlawinchen / 12.21pm

At some point, everybody ends up at the Schlawinchen. In case that happens more often – ‘ending at the Schlawinchen’ – you should do some serious thinking. The Schlawinchen is a legendary ‘driver-bar’, which is open all the time, and once you are in, you won’t be able to leave so quickly. A parallel universe. Antiques are hanging from the ceiling, a rocking horse, even a motorcycle. For claustrophobes and people on psychedelic substances, the ‘Schlawi’ is not recommended, whereas everybody else should have had a ‘Mexikaner’-shot there once, at least.

Gel Gör / 4.20am

The best way to prevent yourself from a hangover after a long night, is a lentil soup (with a lot of bread) at Gel Gör. The Gel Gör is a Turkish restaurant at Kottbusser Damm, which – like the Schlawinchen – is open all the time, therefore always worth a visit. Regular nightly customers, like us, always get a sweet cup of tea on the house. Tip: ALL meat-eating friends swear that the Tecno Köfte Baguette is the best.